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About Us | Carothers Bornefeld Associates Inc - Portland, OR

For over 30 years, the professionals at Carothers Bornefeld Associates Inc. have been providing the Portland, OR, area with top-of-line speech coaching, speaking services, and trainer facilitator services.

At Carothers Bornefeld Associates Inc., our facilitator training is designed to assist leaders of a team or task force, leaders of meetings, and others to lead in the most effective way possible. If you are a manager, team leader of other professional that leads a group to a goal, then you need the help of our amazing certified facilitator trainers. We will teach you how to become the most effect leader to take your group to levels of success you did not know were possible! We will train you on how to use your facilitation skills successfully and naturally in an array of different types of settings and will verse you on how to effectively plan and facilitate meetings for the group or organization you are charged with. We will even teach you how to handle difficult meeting or facilitation situations that you may find yourself involved in.

We also offer amazing and highly effective speaking services so that you can get your point across clearly and concisely when speaking in public. Our speech coaching services are very in-depth and will train you on how to give the most effective presentation possible.

For the most effective speaking services, facilitator training, and speech coaching services in the Portland, OR, area, put  your confidence in the professionals you can trust at Carothers Bornefeld Associates Inc., today!

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